Case Studies

To read more about Zhone Technologies deployments in multi-room, multi-unit applications, click the links below to download the full-length case studies.


Billings Public Schools

One of the biggest challenges facing public education today is lack of funds. According to a 2015 report from Education Superhighway, 21 million public school students lack the broadband connectivity they need for digital learning. Even highly progressive districts like Billings Public Schools, who is embracing broadband upgrades, face barriers as they work to support the district’s network needs with a small IT team and a tight budget.

That’s where Zhone Technologies’ came in, and proved that an implementation based on a fiber-based Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is cheaper and easier to implement compared to replacing or repairing traditional copper-based platforms. Once it was up and running, GPON required less maintenance than other solutions, resulting in a reduction in IT staffing for the school district. With the support of a government-backed e-rate program and a 15-20% reduction in cost compared to copper, Billings Public Schools was able to upgrade every elementary school in its district.

Download the Billings Public Schools case study to learn how Zhone’s GPON solution can help elevate your technology platform today.

Durham Boutique Hotel

A hotel needs a robust network to support the needs of the property and its guests. With guests using multiple WiFi-enabled devices in each room, a network needs to have enough bandwidth to support high-speed data, voice and video capabilities. The Durham Hotel in Durham, North Carolina provides complimentary WiFi to its guests with a robust network built on Zhone Technologies Passive Optical (POL) solution. The Zhone POL solution helped the hotel provide a reliable network connection for its 53 rooms.

The case study content highlights:

  • -How Zhone collaborated with DISH and Hosted America to design a network that supports bandwidth-heavy services in each guest room
  • -The process of building a new infrastructure in a mid-century historic building
  • -The small footprint of a POL solution, and how it opened up space for storage areas on each floor of the hotel

Download the Durham Boutique Hotel case study to learn how Zhone’s GPON solution can help elevate your technology platform today.

Grace Christian Schools

Technology has become central in education today, and schools are adopting digital tools to enhance learning for students and give teachers more options. With that, schools need a network that will support all of the connected devices. Zhone Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology helped solve this issue for Grace Christian School, a private K-12 school in Alaska.

Grace Christian School has more than $100,000 in digital educational tools throughout the school. Zhone’s GPON network allows 60 administration and staff members, and more than 500 students to utilize this technology consistently without the worry of network failure. With the reliability of GPON, operating and maintenance issues were virtually eliminated, allowing the school's limited IT team to focus their time elsewhere.

Download the Grace Christian Schools case study to learn how Zhone’s GPON solution can help elevate your technology platform today.

Woodlands Retirement Community

Woodlands is now at an advantage in an environment where the reliable exchange of patient information is key to resident well-being. FiberLAN exceeded Woodlands’ goals of improving energy efficiency and was installed with little disruption to residents and staff. The case study highlights the benefits of FiberLAN in a retirement community setting including:

  • -Care professionals able to monitor health & whereabouts of the 500+ residents
  • -Residents have high-speed Internet access
  • -Woodlands has a long-term networking solution that can easily be expanded
  • -Low disruption during installation – 45 minutes per living quarter
  • -Reliable, live network with downtime of six minutes or less per year

Download the Woodlands Retirement Community case study to learn how Zhone’s GPON solution can help elevate your technology platform today.

WSU Saves $630,000 Using FiberLAN GPON in Residence Hall Deployment

The Washington State University (WSU) Pullman campus needed a local area network (LAN) platform that could be implemented campus wide in the most economical way possible. Ideally, that solution would be energy efficient, provide optimal performance and security and reduce capital costs, all while supplying reliable, high-speed Internet access.

That’s where Zhone Technologies came in, and saved the university $630,000 on one deployment of a fiber-based Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) in the new Global Scholars residence hall compared to another hall on campus with Copper LAN. Zhone’s platform scales well to support the high-speed demands of the five-story, multi-room Global Scholars Hall, allowing students 24/7 Internet access no matter how many students are accessing the network at any given time.

Download the WSU case study to learn how Zhone’s GPON solution can help elevate your technology platform today.