IPTV Solutions Partners

Zhone IPTV solutions partners are recognized for their technology leadership in IPTV along with proven track record of performance in commercial deployments. Understanding the importance of interoperability and integration, Zhone and its partners work closely together as a team to develop complete solutions in support of IPTV services, or as a project for customers needing a complete solution. Zhone and its partners share a commitment to making it work so the customer doesn't have to.

Head End Systems

Suppliers of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding, transcoding, multiplexing and content processing equipment, along with antennas, receivers and related head end systems for IPTV

Auroras TV

Auroras is the End to End provider of the infrastructure, services and content that empower the next generation of in-home television entertainment over broadband networks - Everything on Demand...


Optibase provides integrated carrier grade TV streaming solutions. Designed for TV broadcasting over IP and ATM broadband networks, Optibase's flagship product allows high quality encoding, transcoding and streaming of digital TV over various networks for the delivery of TV entertainment and video to consumers' homes.

Tandberg TV

TANDBERG Television offer a broad suite of open, standards-based products that provide the highest-quality digital TV solutions, including IPTV, HDTV, video on demand, advertising on demand, IPTV and interactive TV applications. All of which are designed to maximize service offerings and generate greater returns on network investment.

Tut Systems

Tut Systems is an industry leader enabling delivery of next-generation data and video services over broadband networks. Over 160 service providers worldwide use Tut Systems IPTV solutions to deliver video over xDSL, FTTH and HFC networks. Tut provides carrier-class content processing platforms and end-to-end IPTV solutions through its comprehensive integration services.


Suppliers of middleware back office software and server systems as well as set top client solutions including EPG, applications ware and management of IPTV services.

Conklin Intracom

Conklin Intracom strives to provide customers with the ability to offer an exciting, interactive experience to their end-users, through the cost-effective delivery of high-quality entertainment and communications solutions. The markets we address are: IPTV; VoIP; Next-Generation Triple-Play Services; Range extension, pair-gain xDSL products; ADSL from remote terminals; ISDN from remote terminals; Data services;


ICTV® offers network-based television solutions that combine broadband video choice and control, Internet-style advertising models and TV quality and responsiveness.  The company's ActiveVideo Distribution Network (AVDN(tm)) uses standards-based content creation, distribution and delivery technologies to seamlessly deliver Web-driven programming and elements, live video and VOD to the television.  Using ICTV technology, programmers and advertisers can deliver a limitless array of personalized content and advertising, all developed and managed with open Web tools, technology, and talent.


Kasenna™ makes the world's only open and complete video network system. Our software enables customers to quickly and easily deploy profitable new video services and brand them as their own.


Minerva Networks, Inc., is the leading provider of open-platform, carrier-class solutions for the delivery of television services over broadband IP networks. The company iTV Manager middleware provides a complete software platform for the management and delivery of compelling and profitable television services over broadband networks. Over 50 telecommunications providers and broadband network operators worldwide use Minerva's products and services to deliver next-generation entertainment and communications services. Minerva Networks is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and on the Internet at

Orca Interactive

Orca Interactive is a global market leader in developing IPTV applications that enable xDSL and FTTx operators to build new revenue sources, strengthen brand equity and compete with cable- and satellite-based service providers, by offering compelling and differentiated rich media services to their subscribers.


Myrio is a leading provider of software, content and integration services that enable new revenue opportunities for broadband operators by leveraging their infrastructures. Myrio’s software suite consists of Myrio Interactive™, a full-featured end-user application for set-top boxes, and TotalManage™, a back-office subscriber and content management solution.

Conditional Access & DRM

Suppliers of encryption systems for securing digital content from the head end to client as well as Digital Rights Management for content used in IPTV services.


Irdeto Access is a world leader in content protection technologies for digital video and IP networks. For over 30 years, we have pioneered encryption and conditional access technology and standards, now used around the globe to protect the world's most valuable content.


Latens is the pioneer and market leader in the supply of dynamic, software-based Conditional Access for the secure delivery of content to IP devices and television set-top-boxes. Latens content and revenue protection systems are trusted by the world's largest content owners to secure the delivery of their most valuable content.

Secure Media

SecureMedia is the technology leader in the field of conditional access/digital rights management (CA/DRM) software for the secure delivery and management of digital content. The company’s flagship product, the Encryptonite ONE System®, uniquely protects digital media delivery across a range of consumer receiving devices including set-top boxes, home gateways, PVRs, PCs portable players and mobile handsets. The Encryptonite ONE System is used today by media companies and service providers worldwide including Sony, Reeltime Infotainment, China Data Broadcasting, TV Sierre and Cavalier Telephone.


Verimatrix is the leading provider of digital content protection solutions with a global customer base including leading telecommunications providers in Europe, North America and Asia. Verimatrix offers provider approved, carrier-class solutions specifically for today's bi-directional Pay TV. Through the seamless integration of patented digital watermarking technology into its best-of-breed encryption solutions, Verimatrix protects content and revenue streams, as well as detects digital piracy wherever it occurs within the distribution chain. Verimatrix has excellent relationships with the major Hollywood studios by providing valuable anti-piracy solutions for the fight against rampant digital piracy. For more information, please visit


Widevine is a provider of multiplatform DCAS, DRM and video optimization solutions for content owners, telco, cable, satellite, and Internet content services operators. The company’s software platform optimizes the entertainment experience for live and on-demand content and secures it for delivery over any network to any device. Today, millions of consumers enjoy digital entertainment secured and optimized by Widevine on set-top boxes and retail consumer electronics devices including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices, gaming systems and more. With over 60 patents Widevine is an industry leader and innovator of content protection and video optimization technologies.

IP Set Top Boxes

Suppliers of IP set top boxes used in IPTV deployments in conjunction with middleware and Conditional Access partners.

Amino Communications

Amino Communications supplies the AmiNET™ series of set-top boxes renown for their low-cost and reliability. The AmiNET range materially reduces service operators' capital expenditure, whilst offering the full range of specification required; MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoding standards, standard and high definition TV, personal video recording and home networking. The high performance coupled with the innovative design of Amino's set-top boxes, have brought the series industry accolades and the company a leading position within the IPTV market.


Thomson is the leading provider of technology and service solutions for integrated media and entertainment companies. By capitalizing on and expanding its leadership positions at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, Thomson provides end-to-end solutions to content creators, video network operators, manufacturers and retailers through its Technicolor, Grass Valley, THOMSON and RCA brands.


Tilgin markets customer premises equipment for a converging Triple Play market. We design our products specifically for service providers – making it easier to more fully exploit the total power of broadband.


WEGENER optimizes media distribution for dynamic multi-site networks. Currently used in telco, broadcast, radio, enterprise and cable networks to distribute video and audio content to millions of people, WEGENER provides tailored and off-the-shelf solutions to reduce the long-term cost, integration and maintenance on every project.

Video On Demand (VOD)

Suppliers of VOD servers and software, along with management back office systems for VOD services and supported by middleware and Conditional Access partners.


BitBand provides video content delivery solutions over IP broadband networks for Telcos. The company's solutions are targeted at large scale deployments of TV-centric residential subscribers and are optimized for Telco's hybrid and distributed network architectures. BitBand’s technology is field proven and widely deployed, serving more commercial subscribers than any other IP-TV VOD technology vendor.


For over 50 years, C-COR has been providing the products and services needed to successfully build and maintain multi-service communications networks around the world. This accomplishment is not only an indication of C-COR's years of continued success, but also represents a distinct set of advantages for our customers.


Kasenna™ makes the world's only open and complete video network system. Our software enables customers to quickly and easily deploy profitable new video services and brand them as their own.

Content Providers

Partners offering content and services for broadcast and/or VOD services over IPTV.

Auroras TV

Auroras is the End to End provider of the infrastructure, services and content that empower the next generation of in-home television entertainment over broadband networks - Everything on Demand...


TeleChannel specializes in providing telcos expert access to content and programming services. Programming contract negotiations, as well as administrative tasks such as subscriber reporting and payables, are efficiently consolidated and managed by one authorized company in partnership with the programming networks.


ViewNow, a Kasenna company, was founded in 2000 and offers providers a complete VOD and SVOD programming lineup and resources to achieve a successful rollout of video services. ViewNow offers a broad library of movies, sports and special interest content along with marketing support services for VOD and SVOD services.

Miscellaneous Technologies

Suppliers of IPTV related systems or testing equipment used in end-to-end IPTV service deployments.

Foundry networks

Foundry Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance service provider and enterprise routing, switching, security, and Web traffic management solutions to over 10,000 customers worldwide. Foundry's solutions for the service provider market are used by the world's premier ISPs, metro service providers, IPTV operators, Internet exchange providers and data centers. Foundrybs high-performance solutions help multi-play operators to efficiently deliver scalable, high-quality video, voice and data services over a future-proof Ethernet core/aggregation infrastructure.

Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems is a dominant provider of enhanced service platforms and eLation, a complete suite of Operational Support Systems (OSS). The Innovative Systems Application Peripheral (AP) is the most feature rich and widely deployed platform in the industry with over 700 systems in service. Voicemail to email, conference service, and Calling Name that screen pops on digital television are just a few of the advanced features available through the AP platform.


Shenick offers service providers and equipment manufacturers an award-winning integrated performance and quality test system for Triple Play/IPTV, VoD, VoIP, IMS, high speed data services and security attack mitigation. Key to Shenick’s success is the ability to provide QoS/QoE performance metrics on a per application flow or individual home user device basis.