VoIP & Softswitch Solutions Partners

Whether it is MGCP, SIP or H.248, interoperability with soft switches is more than having a standards based interface. There are specific applications and features unique to every soft switch that access must support. Zhone partners with the leading suppliers of soft switches to test and certify interoperability, switch-by-switch and even model-by-model. If it requires additional code in MALC, or interface code for MALC in the soft switch, it becomes part of the interoperability process as technology partners to ensure a complete service solution for VoIP.

Softswitch Partners

Manufacturers of VoIP soft switch systems Zhone performs interoperability testing and/or certification with for MALC.


BroadSoft's VoIP application software is revolutionizing the delivery of hosted telephony and multimedia services. Its flagship BroadWorks® technology empowers wireless and wireline carriers (including BellSouth, Singtel, Telstra, T-Systems, and Verizon) to deliver next-generation voice and multimedia applications and advanced features that increase revenue, enhance competitive differentiation and elevate customer satisfaction.


CIRPACK develops next generation voice switching platform that can be connected to TDM, ATM and IP networks to deliver advanced phone services to all types of subscribers simultaneously and provide seamless migration of wireline networks to IMS/TISPAN architecture. It provides carrier-grade reliability, scalability and regulatory features for massive deployments of broadband telephony and IP Centrex for instance as well as of legacy PSTN infrastructures delivering ISDN or POTS services.


GENBAND is a leading supplier of next generation IP gateway and application solutions. These high-performance gateway and application platforms enable fixed wireline, mobile, and cable network service providers to rapidly deploy new multimedia services. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, GENBAND has research and development facilities in Texas, China, and Brazil. Additional information is available at


MetaSwitch is an industry-leading vendor of packet-based softswitch solutions. Its widely deployed VP3500 Series Class 5 Softswitch supports over 100 Class 5 features including CLASS services, IP Centrex, E911, LNP, 1-800 and CALEA, and scales from a few hundred to half a million subscribers. Customers include incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers.


REDCOM specializes in the design and manufacture of Carrier-Class softswitch/gateway and IP communication solutions worldwide. REDCOM Carrier-Class 4/5 softswitch solutions integrate VoIP and TDM for next-generation IP migration with the lowest total cost of ownership. REDCOM’s solutions are a true drop-in replacement that facilitates easy migration to VoIP at the most opportune time for your business. For more information about REDCOM, please visit


The Taqua 7000 Switching System (T7000) is the industry’s market share leader for next-generation, end-office softswitches. Deployed by customers throughout North America and Canada, the T7000 provides economical access to an extensive array of IP and circuit-based business and residential Class 5 features. Operators can meet regulatory requirements, satisfy the demand for new triple-play services, migrate to VoIP, lower operating costs and generate new revenues using this RUS-listed, carrier-class switch. Based on a patented “switch-on-a-card” design, each interface card (or circuit pack) on the T7000 performs all of the functions required of a Class 5, end-office switch. Dedicated resources for call processing, service logic, switch fabric, media processing and signaling are performed on each card providing the highest level of availability. Managed together as a single T7000 network element, these intelligent interface cards provide a flexible "pooled" resource of capacity and applications. By minimizing common equipment, the T7000 greatly improves service margins and gives carriers pinpoint control over network costs.

VoIP Peripheral Systems Partners

Zhone partners with leading supliers of infrastrucutre support systems suppliers for VoIP and voice, including suppliers of voice gateway systems and Border session Controller (BSG) suppliers. Zhone supports interoperability with peripheral systems vendors in conjunction with softswitch partners activities.

Acme Packet

Acme Packet, the leader in session border control solutions, enables service providers to deliver trusted, first class interactive communications—voice, video and multimedia sessions—across IP network borders. Our Net-Net family has been selected by over 240 service providers, including 21 of the top 25 wireline and wireless providers in the world, to satisfy critical security, service assurance and regulatory requirements in wireline, cable and wireless networks. These deployments support multiple applications—from VoIP trunking to hosted enterprise and residential services; multiple protocols—SIP, H.323, MGCP/NCS and H.248; and multiple border points—interconnect, access network and data center. For more information, contact us at +1 781.328.4400, or visit