Zhone Multimedia Labs

Zhone Multimedia Labs

Addressing the needs in complex multi-vendor, multi-service carrier networks

    Zhone MultiMedia Labs is a customer focused facility where we invite and encourage our customers to see actual testing, to participate in testing under their actual network conditions, and have access to Zhone’s world class engineering team.

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Zhone's $50M investment in its 7,000 sq. ft. Multimedia Labs serves as a testimonial to our commitment to product quality, performance, capability and interoperability. Zhone MultiMedia Labs is a complete test and interoperability facility – if its in a carrier network it is working in our lab. Class 5 switches, Digital Cross Connects, optical multiplexers and transport, switches and routers, access, IPTV head end systems, CPE…its all there. The ability to create real-world network and service environments to extend testing beyond regression level to complex multi-vendor service delivery as broadband triple play demands today.

  • Regression and QA Testing: Ability to test new hardware and software release
  • Load & Capacity Testing: Both actual and simulator testing of services under load and capacity conditions.
  • Interoperability Testing: Testing with partner and third party systems and equipment for interoperability and integration.
  • Customer Configuration Testing: Setting up a test bed creating the customer network and vendor equipment to test interoperability, provisioning and performance. Also, for pre-installation testing and training with customer participation.
  • New Technology Assessment: Evaluate and test new technologies for potential use and partnership programs
  • Solutions Testing: Creating and testing service and application environments for video, voice, data and business services in replicated multi-vendor network applications