ZMS Virtual Appliance

ZMS Virtual Appliance

Virtualized Zhone Management System (ZMS) for configuring, monitoring, and managing small network deployments


The ZMS Virtual Appliance is a fully-featured ZMS client-server platform for small deployments. It offers platform portability by encapsulating the ZMS server within a VirtualBox container. The ZMS Virtual Appliance server runs on any Intel x86 hardware platform utilizing Linux, Windows, MAC OS or Solaris as the native operating system. This product supports the standard windows-based ZMS NetHorizhon client, which is installed from the ZMS Virtual Appliance server.

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Northbound ZMS XML OSS Gateways (ZMS-NMS_XML_OSSGW) is available with the ZMS Virtual Appliance products.

Protocol Support

IP connectivity for management
Out-of-band via 10/100 Ethernet

Operating Requirements
ZMS VA Server Minimum Hardware Requirements: x86-based hardware platform, 1.8 Ghz dual core CPU, 8 Gigabit RAM, 256 GB SSD Drive;10/100/1000 Ethernet Interface

ZMS VA Software Environment: Windows 7, 8.1, Linux, MAC OS, or Solaris 10 host operating system supporting VirtualBox 4.1.8 or above

ZMS NetHorizhon Client Minimum Requirements:1.0 Ghz CPU, Windows XP, 7, Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer Browser, Java 1.6, 1 GB disk space, 2 GB RAM
Scaling Information:
Maximum number of MXKs supported in the total network are:
- MXK-194/198= 32, MXK-319= 16, MXK-819= 8, MXK-823= 8
Maximum number of ONTs supported in the total network are:
- 4,096 ONTs
- All types of Zhone ONT
Maximum number of MX 1Us supported in the total network are:
- 256 MX 1Us
- Of the following types: MX-15x, MX-16x, MXP-16x, MX-26x, MXP-26x, MX-18x, MXP-18x, MX-28x, MXP-28x, MX-180-GE
- Maximum number of CPE's = 6,144
Note: In a mixed networks of MX and MXK's use the following formula to calculate the number of devices supported:
- total # of network devices = (# MX )+(# MXK-198 x8)+(# MXK-319 x16)+(# MXK-819 or MXK-823 x32)
- must be less than or equal to 256

If there is a mixed network of MXKs and 1Us then
o 1 MXK 198 ~ 8 MX 1Us
e.g. a network of 8 MXK 198 (~64 MX 1Us) then an additional 192 MX 1Us can be supported
o 1 MXK 319 ~ 64 MX 1Us
e.g. a network of 2 MXK 319 (~128 MX 1Us) then an additional 128 MX 1Us can be supported
o 1 MXK 819, 823 ~ 128 MX 1Us
e.g. a network of 1 MXK 819 (~128 MX 1Us) then an additional 128 MX 1Us can be supported
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