DASAN Zhone Solutions' MXK and zNIDs for FTTx provide a cost efficient, high performance solution for delivering sophisticated services to large numbers of subscribers.
Paired with DASAN Zhone Solutions' zNID optical network terminals service providers extend network intelligence directly to the subscriber location resulting in fine-tuned performance and remote operations and management.

Active Ethernet Indoor ONT

Active Ethernet Indoor ONT
DASAN Zhone Solutions' indoor Active Ethenet ONT portfolio is designed for the high bandwidth services being deployed to homes and businesses today. With wire-speed routing, a web UI for local management, and support for DASAN Zhone Solutions' CPE Management system, the DASAN Zhone Active Ethernet solution paired with the MXK OLT is an efficient way to extend bandwidth intensive services to the network edge. Indoor models are now available that provide PoE support for attached devices - some models are designed to mount directly into the wall! Fast Ethernet fiber and 100/1000M copper uplink versions are also available on the 2400A Series.
ModelWANPOTSFEGigEGig(PoE)HCNAWiFi (b/g/n)WiFi (ac)T1/E1USB
2204GE 31     1
2244GE431     1
2284GE831     1
2402AGE  2      
2424AGE2 4      
2424AFE (Fiber)2 4      
2424ACU (GE Copper)2 4      
2426AGE2 4  2x2  1
2426AFE (Fiber)2 4  2x2  1
2426ACU (GE Copper)2 4  2x2  1
2608TGE   8     
2624AGE2 4      
2624PGE2  4     
2628AGE2 8      
2628PGE2 44     
2628TGE2  8     
2644AGE4 4      
2644PGE4  4     
2648AGE4 8      
2648PGE4 44     
2648TGE4  8     
2726A1GE2 4  2x23x3 1
2726H1GE2 4 12x23x3 1
2728A1GE2 4 13x34x4 1
2804PGE   4     
6024TGE/GPON   24     
95XXGE/GPON  9    4,8 
96XXGE/GPON4,8  9   4,8 
97XXGE/GPON  5    4