Based on a wire-speed router architecture, DASAN Zhone Solutions' outdoor GPON ONTs deliver best-in-class data throughput regardless of packet size to support the most demanding FTTx applications. All new models provide multiple 1Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, two or four voice ports with support for SIP, SIP-PLAR and MGCP Voice over IP protocols. This gives service providers an elegant migration path from legacy to softswitch architectures without replacing ONTs. GPON models are available with and without support for downstream RF Video.

GPON Outdoor ONT

GPON Outdoor ONT
DASAN Zhone Solutions' indoor Active Ethernet ONT portfolio is designed for the high bandwidth services being deployed to homes and businesses today. With wire-speed routing, a web UI for local management, and support for DASAN Zhone Solutions' CPE Management system, the DASAN Zhone Active Ethernet solution paired with the MXK OLT is an efficient way to extend bandwidth intensive services to the network edge.
2101PGPON  1      
4220GPON22      YES
4221GPON22 1    YES
4222AGPON22      YES
4222HGPON22  YES   YES
4223GPON22 1YES   YES
4224AGPON24      YES
4224HGPON24  YES   YES
4226GPON26      YES
4240GPON42      YES
4241GPON42 1    YES
4242GPON42  YES   YES
4243GPON42 1YES   YES
9108GPON8 9     YES
9208GPON8 9   8 YES
9308GPON8 98  8 YES
9440GPON  5    4YES
9444GPON4 5    4YES
9480GPON  9    8YES
9488GPON8 9    8YES