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This page contains the complete index of MIBs for former Paradyne devices:

6700 Proxy Agent
BitStorm Devices
Digital Access Devices
iMarc Frame Relay Devices
T1 Access Multiplexers
LAN Adapter
Jetstream CPX-1000
Net to Net Enterprise MIBs

6700 Proxy Agent (Release 1)

6700 Proxy Agent (Release 2)

BitStorm 1900

BitStorm 2400 BitStorm 2600 BitStorm 4800

ACCULINK 31xx (Firmware 2.x and 3.x)

ACCULINK 31xx (Firmware 4.x)

ACCULINK 33xx E1 HDSL NTU (Firmware 1.x)

ACCULINK 317x E1 DSU/CSU (Firmware 1.x)

7110, 7112, and 7123 T1 DSU/CSU

7610 56/64 DSU (Firmware 1.x)

iMarc 9xxx Frame Relay Access Devices
(Firmware 1.x and 2.x)

iMarc NP Devices (Formerly known as NetPath CSUs, manufactured by Control Resources Corp.)

916X T1/FT1 Network Access Unit (Firmware 1.x)

(MCC, MCC PLUS, MCP, Firmware 3.0.x - 3.3.x)
(PORT Card Firmware 1.0.x - 2.1.x)

(MCC, MCC PLUS, MCP, Firmware 4.x)
(PORT Cards Firmware 3.x)
(SCM Firmware 1.x)

(MCP, Firmware M4.0.x or Higher)
(PORT Cards Firmware 4.x or Higher)
(SCM Firmware 2.x)

GranDSLAM 3.0
(SCP Firmware 3.00.xx, 8965, 8985)

GranDSLAM 4.0
(IP SCP Firmware 4.xx.yy)

42xx GranDSLAM ATM

GranDSLAM 4219/4229/4279 (IP)

Hotwire 5446 RTU IP Injection Tool
(Release 1.30)

  • Self-extracting Injection Tool for Windows 95 or NT 4.0 (3.5M) ipinject.exe
  • Also download this updated IP Injection Tool help file. Simply download and replace the existing help file in the directory created by the IP Injection Install program. By default, this directory is Program Files\Paradyne\IP Injection Tool.

Hotwire 5100 (Firmware 1.x)

LAN Adapter

Jetstream CPX-1000