FiberLAN Operations Course - Partners & Customers

  • $2200 per student
  • $14K Custom onsite class (Customer provides facilities and equipment)*
  • $16K Custom onsite class (Zhone provides facilities and equipment)*
Pre-purchase for 2 students with hardcopy po issued 45 days prior to class ( 15% discount)*
    26-30 Jun 2017 (MXK/FiberLAN - Oakland)
    25-29 Sep 2017 (MXK/FiberLAN - Oakland)
    11-15 Dec 2017 (MXK/FiberLAN - Oakland)
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If you need to cancel and you've been confirmed by providing a hardcopy PO, here are the cancellation fees:
  • Cancellation occurs 60 to 45 days prior to the first day of class - hardcopy PO will be billed for 25% of cost of class
  • Cancellation occurs 44 days to the first day of class - hardcopy PO will be billed for 50% of cost for class.


  • Basic understanding of Ethernet layer 2 bridging and layer 3 routing protocols
  • Understanding of Voice/Video IP services
  • Basic knowledge of optical network design (Fiber cable, splitters)
  • Student must bring laptop computer with serial interface to the class. Java 7 or higher should be loaded onto laptop computer.


FiberLAN is a cost effective fiber alternative to copper for interconnecting broadband services to the end user. This training module focuses exclusively on the use of GPON for delivery of high density Optical LAN solutions to multi-unit commercial and industrial business complexes including hotels, apartment complexes, malls, campus networks, etc.

The Zhone FiberLAN product family includes the MXK823/819/194/198/319 and an array of GPON ONT/CPE options that can be deployed indoors and outdoors. The product consists of a high-density multi-access line concentrator called an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and Customer Premise Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) that supports delivery of any service to any subscriber over a single common infrastructure. The platform may be managed via the Zhone Management System (ZMS), a java-based suite of client and server applications designed to provide flexible network management of the Zhone FiberLAN product family. Through a series of lectures and hands on exercises, students will be able to configure, provision, administer, manage and troubleshoot the FiberLAN product family.

45-day advance registration and a hardcopy PO are required to guarantee seat & class availability. If a po is issued less than 45 days prior to the start date of the class, no discount is offered. Zhone requires a minimum of three (3) students to conduct a course in Oakland, CA. If this minimum is not met, the class is subject to cancellation. Off site courses requires a minimum of 5 students.

*Discount offered when hardcopy po is issued 45 days in advance.

Module 1 (Day 1)

  • Zhone Products Overview
  • FiberLAN Product Family Overview
  • Fiber LAN/GPON Overview
  • FiberLAN Ethernet Supported Services
  • FiberLAN Security

Module 2_OAM&P (Days 2-3-4)

  • MXK Overview
  • Lab Breakout Sessions
  • MXK Installation and Commissioning
  • Service Provisioning via CLI
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring via CLI
  • Overview of Zhone Management System (ZMS) and User Interface
  • ZMS System Navigation
  • Lab Breakout Sessions
  • Service Provisioning via ZMS
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring via CLI
  • Operational Procedures via CLI/ZMS
  • Lab Breakout Sessions
  • MXK Database back-up
  • MXK Fault Management
  • MXK Performance Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Security
  • MXK/ZMS Software Upgrade
  • Auto-Assignment/Auto-Configuration Overview
  • Lab Sessions
  • Service Provisioning via Auto-Assignment/Auto-Configuration
  • ZMS Web Client Overview

Module 3 (Days 5)

  • ZCPOT Certification Exam
  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam